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Vintage Dashes

Porsche 911 Dash 1969-85 w/speaker cover 912 (1969) models • 911.552.031.03.709.

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Porsche 911 reproduction dash pad (B grade) only

B grade dashes available at a discounted rate of $499 + shipping. SS Part - 911.552.031.03.709.

What constitutes a B grade?

  • B grade dashes are an item that has a cosmetic blemish somewhere on the dash. As photographed below. Each dash is different but this provides a few examples of what to expect from a B grade. 

Are these new or repaired dashes?

  • All of our reproduction dashes are made with all new Materials. From the frame, injection molded foam and thermal formed vinyl. All dashes include ultra violet protection for longevity of the product. 

Does this dash come with a speaker cover?

  • Speaker cover included as shown in photos.

Are these dashes custom or like oem?

  • Oem reproduction 

How much is the discount?

  • $400 off the retail cost.

Whats the warranty? 

  • All sales are final for B grade products